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Conveniently located on route 29, two miles from Montrose, our practice has many alternative health providers available. 


Our team will work together for a healthier you.  You owe it to yourself to bring back

vitality to your life.

The biggest contributing factor to patients getting the best results is consistency of treatments and actively engaging in their

own care and recovery. 

Good health starts and ends with you.

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When most of us think about seeing a alternative health care provider,

we think about getting help with back pain or some specific chief complaint or problem.  But did you know that chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture are also a great way to improve your general health and wellness?

Our services can: Boost Immune Function, Reduce Inflammation,

Reduce Blood Pressure, Reduce Stress, Improve Balance,

Relieve Colic in Babies, Relieve Asthma Symptoms and many others


For more information on these and many other conditions,

check out our "Services We Provide" Tab.



"Dr. Jen and her staff take care of me, and gets me back to my quality of life quickly.

Feeling all out of wack? 

Call them...today!"

— Alf

It's easier to stay well than get well. 

Maintain your health with Chiropractic Care.